Wm. Mack Parker, PE, CFM

Retirement Announcement

With great appreciation for his commitment and service to KPA for over 35 years, we are pleased to announce the retirement of Wm. Mack Parker, PE, CFM.

Mack has served KPA in various capacities over the past 35 years while gifting us with his keen engineering mind and passion for the communities he serves.

When Mack first began at KPA, his first project was for the Belton Municipal Landfill, where he developed a grading plan that had to receive approval from the State of Texas. Throughout the years, he has become passionate about street and associated drainage projects as he enjoys improving traffic while providing stormwater solutions that properly control draining.

Throughout his career, Mack has received many well-deserved accolades while developing meaningful professional relationships along the way. He has created a special bond with the communities he serves by making public presentations and addressing comments from the public with a smile and passion for improving the community.

We are incredibly grateful for Mack’s mentorship, guidance, and both professional and personal advice to all our employees over the past 35 years. Cheers to you, Mack!