Temple Membrane Water Treatment Facility Expansion

Progress Update

KPA is pleased to share the recent progress on the Temple Membrane Water Treatment Plant Expansion! The project is approximately 50% complete and is on course to be completed in the Spring of 2023.  

Foundations for the new Membrane building, Clearwells, UV building, and Chemical Feed building have been constructed. The Membrane building will soon receive walls, piping, electrical conduit, UV Disinfection Modules, membrane filtration racks, bulk chemical storage tanks, and chemical feed pump skids. A new interior baffle wall, made of geomembrane fabric, has been installed at the High Service Pump Station. These interior baffle walls slow the water flow through the clearwells to achieve accurate chlorine detention times before the water is pumped to customers.    

This expansion of the Temple Membrane Water Treatment Plant will significantly increase the City’s capacity as the population rises. Once completed, the City of Temple will have two interconnected, stand-alone treatment plants capable of producing more than 52 MGD.