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WCID No. 3 WWTP Feasibility Study & Improvements

Bell County, TX

Project Description: For the feasibility study, KPA compiled, reviewed, and analyzed the previous two years of influent and effluent water quality data and the previous five years of historical influent flow data. In addition, we conducted site visits to confirm existing conditions while noting deficiencies in the existing treatment process. Also included in this study was confirmation of the current hydraulic and biological capacities of the existing treatment units, including activated sludge aeration basin, digesters, final clarifiers, chlorine contact basins,  sludge dewatering belt presses, interconnecting piping, influent lift station, and headworks.

Following the data collection, KPA Engineers sized future treatment units required for expansion recommendations and effluent filtration to meet more stringent imitations projected by the TCEQ Stream Water Quality Modeling Division and provided an opinion of probable costs for the recommended improvements to the WWTP.

Scope of Services: Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design, Recommendation of Improvements, Preparation of OPCs, Coordination with City Staff and Contractors, TCEQ Compliance, and Drone Surveying.

Contract Amount: $40,000