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Water & Wastewater Master Plans

Temple, TX

Project Description: The Water and Wastewater Master Plan provides a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the City of Temple’s current utilities and infrastructure improvements required to sustain future growth through a 50-year planning horizon. The Plan includes a detailed discussion on pressure planes, treatment, consumption, pumping, and storage in the water system. Also included in the Plan is a detailed analysis of drainage basins, treatment, capacities, and service areas in the wastewater system. A Phasing Plan and Opinions on Probable Costs for the necessary improvements along with documentation of the City’s existing utility-related contracts, current extension policies, a summary of governing agencies related to municipal utilities and projects, and synopsis of project delivery components.

KPA prepared and distributed infrastructure inventory forms to collect the necessary data to achieve the final plans. Work Sessions with City Staff were conducted by category as indicated and reviewed to discuss critical points contained in the inventories. KPA evaluated the City’s existing Water System and prioritized improvements to serve the projected population. A hydraulic analysis was performed utilizing the information exported from the City’s GIS and modeled in the GEMS software for compatibility with the City’s GIS platform. This model included the existing system and proposed steady-state and extended period simulation improvements. The Master Plans included exhibits illustrating historical and projected demands, a schematic of the system, CCN boundaries, land use, existing and proposed pressure planes, and proposed improvements.

Scope of Services: Tasks included assisting the City in defining their planning area based on CCNs, Future Land Use, Probable Development patterns, Topographic Constraints, and Preliminary Understanding of System Limitations. KPA performed Calculations of Inflow and Infiltration Volumes and determined Future Land Use areas by Sub-Basin, Hydraulic Analysis, development of a working Hydraulic Model for collection systems, Proposal of Future recommended Improvements, OPCs, and produced Comprehensive Reports, Figures, Schedules, and Exhibits.