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Wastewater Master Plan

Corsicana, TX

Project Description: The population of the City of Corsicana has been increasing since 1900. The current growth rate for the City is about 0.7%. To best serve the City of Corsicana’s rapidly significant population, KPA Engineers developed a Wastewater Master Plan, which includes ongoing initiatives and the developments needed to give the growing population adequate wastewater infrastructure.

This Wastewater Master Plan provides a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the City of Corsicana’s current infrastructure improvements required to serve a growing population. The Master Planning process began with several work sessions involving City Staff to gain updated information on the current condition of wastewater system components. Flow monitoring was performed to ascertain the existing peak flows and areas of concern related to inflow/infiltration. Wastewater flow projections were based on future land use and modeled utilizing Sewer GEMS.

An overall planning area boundary was established, with major drainage basins and sub-basins determined. The future land use map and proposed development plans were utilized to determine wastewater flow projections for modeling and infrastructure sizing purposes. This Master Plan identifies improvements necessary to the wastewater system within the City’s planning area. Phased implementation plans, as well as cost estimates, will be included in the Plan.

Scope of Services: Data Collection and Analysis, Flow Monitoring and Analysis, Wastewater System Analysis, Phasing Plan, OPCs, and Preparation of Reports.