The Imagine Belton Plan

Belton, TX

KPA Engineers is proud to be a part of the Imagine Belton Plan, visioned by Covey Planning + Landscape Architecture

The project, invited by the Belton Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) and Bell County, provides a vision and direction for Belton’s downtown area in response to the current growth pressures. The plan is to serve as a guide for the future of downtown and how Belton can accommodate further growth while maintaining its uniqueness and community character. 

The Imagine Belton plan outlines improving connectivity into downtown while providing enhanced open spaces and promoting positive development. The project also discusses the city’s current limitations, highlighting the importance of flood hazards and how to improve the safety of downtown patrons.

The plan divided the downtown vicinity into sub-districts based on the delineation of streets, land uses, and character considerations. By breaking down the area into subdistricts, we were able to identify key projects and recommend land use integrations that enhance downtown. Together, these sub-districts will create a cohesive, safe, and connected downtown, Belton. 

We are proud to help develop this dynamic plan with Covey Planning + Landscape Architecture and are excited to continue building community growth, meaningful partnerships, and visible results.