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Temple Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone 2022 Master Plan | City of Temple

Temple, TX

Project Description: The City of Temple Tax Reinvestment Zone (TRZ) continues to prove itself as a potent tool in developing the City’s economic base. During the life of the Zone, the TRZ has funded development projects that have attracted business growth in heavy industries, manufacturing, distribution, advanced medical technology, bioscience, rail, and others.

The purpose of this master planning was to:

  1. Explore new zone possibilities
  2. Determine growth areas to include expanding the TIRZ
  3. Determine rail growth possibilities, including inter-modal sites
  4. Determine infrastructure requirements for the growth areas
  5. Review and include airport development
  6. Identify relationships for character zones for the growth areas
  7. Identify trail system connections
  8. Review gateways and entrance features
  9. Explore future zone connections
  10. Investigate major transportation modes

The process to achieve these goals included evaluating current progress in the TIRZ and future impacts that will continue the economic development and growth that the TIRZ has established. The review included all of the aspects identified above.

Workshops, group meetings, and stakeholder presentations were held. Included in these were the TRZ Board, TRZ Project Group, Temple Economic Development Corporation, City Staff, City Council, and KPA Engineers. The stakeholders who made presentations were:

  1. Bioscience Institute
  2. Veterans Administration
  3. Patriot Rail Group
  4. Belton Independent School District
  5. Temple Independent School District
  6. Temple College
  7. Airport Board
  8. Parks and Leisure Board
  9. Scott and White

The information gained during the stakeholder presentations was received and incorporated into the master plan to coincide with the growth plans of our community partners.

While updating the master plan for the TRZ, many scenarios and alternatives were reviewed and processed. The result created the direction and vision for the master plan, including land use, transportation needs, growth areas, utility requirements, and the plan for TRZ.

KPA has served as the TRZ’s Program Manager since the late 1990s. KPA has provided Final Design and Construction Administration Services on all of the TRZ’s infrastructure improvement projects since this time which has accounted for more than $100 million in roadways, bioscience parks, trails, rail parks, and water and wastewater utilities.