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San Gabriel Park Lift Station

Georgetown, TX

Project Description: This project addressed the demand for a new submersible lift station to replace the existing Park Lift Station that has experienced deterioration of pumps, piping, and various metal supports within the station’s wet well area. The existing Park Lift Station has also experienced frequent clogging issues with the pumps.

The scope included the design of a new, standalone submersible lift station and extending a 20-inch force main to connect to the existing force main. The project includes sizing the wet well and ancillary facilities for the ultimate build-out while upsizing the necessary equipment to maximize the existing 20-inch force main.

The project also includes a chopper/aerator pump in the existing wet well upstream of the new wet well to mitigate clogging and reduce odor emissions. The contract was awarded to Patin Construction, LLC in June 2020 for $2,079,000. Construction began in July 2020 and was completed in July 2021.

Scope of Services: Preliminary Engineering, Final Design (Plans and Specifications), Opinion of Probable Cost, Bidding, Review of Bids and Recommendation of Award and Construction Administration

Construction Cost: $2,079,000