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Rivery Blvd Georgetown

Georgetown, TX

Project Description: This project was identified by the City of Georgetown to provide an additional north-south corridor through the City. The project includes a new 4-lane boulevard section approximately 2,500 feet in length. The project also includes a 10-foot wide sidewalk along both sides of the roadway, storm sewer, a water quality and detention pond for water pollution abatement over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, connections to Williams Drive, Northwest Boulevard, and a roundabout intersection with Park Drive.

KPA performed all street, drainage, water quality elements, water/wastewater, and pedestrian design for this project, as well as, coordination with sub-consultants for rights-of-way acquisition, surveying, environmental clearances, geotechnical investigations and analysis, and landscape design.

Scope of Services: Final Design (Plans and Specifications), Surveying, TCEQ Clearances (WPAP, SCS), Right of Way Documents, Opinion of Probable Cost, Bidding, Review of Bids and Recommendation to Award Contract, and Construction Administration.

Construction Cost: $5,099,000