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Prairie View Road Improvements, Phases I & II | City of Temple

Temple, TX

Project Description: Phase I of this project consisted of expanding Prairie View Road, a rural roadway, to a four-lane divided boulevard roadway in Temple, TX. The project included the new roadway, pedestrian facilities, illumination, storm sewer, wastewater and waterline, pavement striping, landscaped median, turn lanes, traffic control, and erosion control.

For Phase II of this project, The City of Temple, Texas, in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), as joint-lead agencies, combined efforts to widen and realign FM 2483 and Prairie View Road. The overall project length is 1.2 miles and includes FM 2483, from 0.5 miles west of SH 317, to Prairie View Road, 0.7 miles east of SH 317, in Bell County, Texas.

The previous FM 2483 and Prairie View Road offset an un-signalized T-intersections with SH 317 were realigned and combined into one signalized intersection. The project consisted of the following:

  • A 10-foot trail along the south side and an 8-foot wide sidewalk along the north side, with bike lanes in each direction
  • A storm drainage collection system, roadway drainage culverts, and a 15-inch pavement section
  • Street lighting east of SH 317, traffic signage, and handrails
  • Concrete curb and gutter, multiple pavement markings, and brick paver medians
  • Tree landscaping, irrigation system, waterline improvements, and vegetation

The completed work enhances roadway capacity and improves safety features for the traveling public. The project also provides improved access to the Lake Belton High School.

Scope of Services: Preliminary Design, Final Design, Design Surveys, Bidding Services, Archaeological, Environmental, Geotechnical, City and State Coordination, and Construction Administration

Construction Cost: $14 Million