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Membrane Water Treatment Facility Expansion

Temple, TX

Project Description: The City’s Water Treatment Plant has a rated capacity of 41.0 MGD. Expanding the Membrane Water Treatment Facility is underway to meet projected growth and industry requirements. This project doubles the capacity and will establish a stand-alone Water Treatment Plant. The project includes chemical feed and storage, construction of additional clearwells, and a high-service pump station. Upon completing this project, the City of Temple will have two interconnected, stand-alone treatment plants capable of producing more than 52 MGD.

Enhancements at the Conventional Facility include rehabilitating Clarifier #4, evaluating sludge handling, and reducing disinfection byproducts.

Scope of Services: Preliminary Investigations including Electrical Coordination to perform Power Studies, Preliminary CT and Disinfection, Backwash Sedimentation Review, and High Service / North West Transmission review. In addition, KPA developed Final Designs, Site Surveys, Project Management, Specifications, and Bid Phase Services.

Construction Cost: $43 Million