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Membrane Water Treatment Facility Expansion

Temple, TX

Project Description: Anticipated water demands for the City of Temple were established based on the current Texas Water Development Board population projections, historical water usage, and future land-use projections. A water distribution network analysis was performed using the computer module, WaterGEMS. From these findings, needs were determined and sequenced to meet the projected water demands for expected populations. This project increases the City’s current Water Treatment Plant’s capacity from 41.0 MGD to more than 52 MGD.

Additional project elements include chemical feed and storage, construction of additional clearwells, and a high-service pump station. Throughout the development of the expansion, KPA implemented technologically advanced equipment such as a UV Disinfection System, an automated High Service Pump Station, and a Membrane Filtration System that serves as a positive barrier system.

Scope of Services: Preliminary Investigations, Electrical Coordination to perform Power Studies, Preliminary CT and Disinfection, and Backwash Sedimentation and High Service Transmission review. In addition, KPA provided Final Designs, Site Surveys, Project Management, Bidding Services, and Construction Administration.

Construction Cost: $43 Million