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Kelly Lane Paving & Drainage Improvements, Phase I | City of Pflugerville

Pflugerville, TX

Project Description: This project consists of 30,400 square yards of 8” lime stabilization and 21” thick crushed limestone base material, 26,200 square yards of 4” Type “A” or “B” HMAC and 2” Type “C” HMAC, 12,000 linear feet of standard 6” curb and gutter, 3,310 linear feet of 24” ductile iron waterline, traffic signals at 3 intersections, 3,000 linear feet of sidewalk improvements, 2,133 linear feet of storm sewer pipe of sizes ranging from 18”-30” in diameter, temporary paving, striping/signage, traffic control, revegetation, and add alternates for additional offsite culvert crossings and street stabilization and overlay.

In addition to widening nearly 3,100 linear feet of 22-foot wide rural road section to a 4-lane urban section (curb and gutter, storm sewer, lighting, etc.) from Murchison Ridge to Falcon Pointe Blvd., this project included over 3,500 linear feet of street rehabilitation from Falcon Pointe Blvd. to Moorlynch Ave. The rehabilitation work also included 8-inch cement stabilization with a 2-inch Type ‘C’ asphalt overlay and restriping.

Scope of Services Provided: Preliminary planning and design as well as design and construction surveys, final design, bidding, construction administration, and onsite representation.

Construction Cost: $5,447,864.90.