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Kelly Lane Paving & Drainage Improvements, Phase I | City of Pflugerville

Pflugerville, TX

Project Description: This project included improvements from Kelly Lane to Weiss Lane, Murchison Ridge Trail to Falcon Pointe Blvd., and Falcon Pointe Blvd. to Moorlynch Avenue.

Improvements from Kelly Lane to Weiss lane consist of 30,400 square yards of lime stabilization and base material of crushed limestone and topped off with Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete. Additional components of this project include the installation of 12,000-feet of curb and gutter, placement of new waterlines and storm sewer pipes, new traffic signals at three intersections, and sidewalk improvements.

Among the other aspects of the project were street rehabilitation from Falcon Pointe Blv to Moorlynch Ave. and widening a 22-foot wide rural road to a 4-lane urban road from Murchison Ridge to Falcon Pointe Blvd. As part of the project, there were also storm drainage and water improvements, new curb and gutter installments, and pedestrian enhancements.

Scope of Services Provided: Preliminary Design, Design Surveys, Geotechnical and Environmental Services, Final Design, Bidding Services, and Construction Administration.

Construction Cost: $5.5 Million