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Booster Pump Station & Ground Storage Tank

Jarrell-Schwertner WSC, TX

Project Description: As a part of this project, a pump station and a steel ground storage tank with a capacity of 300,000 gallons was constructed. The project also entailed three variable-speed vertical turbines pumping at a 500 GPM capacity, a well site, chemical feed pumps for LAS, Chlorinators and analyzers, two 5,000-gallon Hydropneumatic Pressure tanks, and 275kw generator. Additional project elements include 1,400 LF of 12” waterline from FM 487 along County Rd 303 to the Booster Pump Station and Ground Storage Tank Site and a connection from the main water supply to the Lonestar Regional Water Authority transmission main with a Master Meter Vault. The project also included SCADA components for monitoring tank levels and pump rates.

Scope of Services: Preliminary and Final design, Permitting, Environmental and Geotechnical Investigations, Coordination with ONCOR, Bidding Services, and Construction Administration.

Construction Cost: $2.5 Million