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Bluebonnet Lane Erosion Control | City of Nolanville

Nolanville, TX

Project Description: This project was identified by the City of Nolanville to repair erosion problems that were resulting in the undermining of the culverts and Bluebonnet Lane. The culvert outfall was located approximately 10-feet below the street and dropped an additional 10-feet over a horizontal distance of 10-feet. The existing concrete riprap was failing and some sections of the culvert had become disjointed.

KPA designed the project to dissipate the energy of the water out of the culverts using a series of steps. The slopes were then protected with new concrete riprap that was toed into the ground 18-inches to reduce the potential for undermining

Scope of Services: Preliminary planning and design as well as design and construction surveys, final design, bidding, construction administration, and onsite representation. 

Construction Cost: $80,409