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Avenue G Pump Station Improvements

Temple, TX

Project Description: While preparing Temple’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan, KPA evaluated the City’s existing Water System and prioritized improvements to serve the current and projected population. The Avenue G Pump Station was among the infrastructure improvements proposed in the Master Plan. The existing Pump Station was built in 1955 and required modifications to modernize operations utilizing variable pump speeds and increase the station’s capacity to meet additional demands from industrial development in the City’s SE Industrial Park. The improved Avenue G Pump Station will contain six pumps with provisions for a future pump, making it the largest within the City’s distribution system.

As part of the preliminary design of this project, KPA ran various analyses to measure the existing stations’ flow rate, total dynamic head and elevated storage tank levels. Based on the data collected, KPA Engineers recommended and presented improvements and opinions of probable costs to the City. The City contracted with KPA to move forward with the final design of a new stand-alone pump station adjacent to the existing pump station while converting the abandoned pump station building for storage.

Throughout the design phase of this project, KPA conducted ground scans and aerial mapping using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and combined the results to produce a 3D model of the current Pump Station. The 3D model allowed access to the project site by the display of a computer screen, increasing efficiency and accuracy during the project design phase.

Scope of Services: Preliminary Civil, Structural, and Electrical Design, Geotechnical Investigation, Final Design, Topographic Surveys, Preparation of Plans and Specifications, and Bidding Services.

Construction Cost: $5,500,000