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920 Pressure Plane 3MG Elevated Storage Tank

Temple, TX

Project Description: To meet the projected water demands and the water modeling for the 920 Pressure Plane, the City of Temple contracted KPA Engineers for the engineering services required for a new 3-million-gallon Elevated Storage Tank.

Water will fill the tank overnight during low water usage hours and provides water for peak demands in the mornings and afternoons. Water inflows through a 24” main and leaves through a 24” main, and is further distributed to customers through a 12” water line main. Internally, the 16” altitude valve manages the Water Surface Elevations and shuts off the inflow at maximum holding capacity at the maximum 45’ of hydraulic head. The tank features the City of Temple logo painted on the face of the bowl.

As part of this project, waterlines were increased to support the new tank. The tank plans to provide safe working and emergency pressures for future industrial sites and residents within its pressure plane. Water lines are sized for future distribution as Temple’s population rapidly increases.

Scope of Services: Preliminary Engineering, Capacity Determination, Design Surveys, Civil and Electrical Plans and Specifications, Supervision of Geotechnical, Environmental and Archaeological Investigations, Stakeholder Support, Bidding Services, Assessment Submittals, and Construction Administration.

Construction Cost: $9,100,000