KPA Engineers Attend The Cultivator Speaker Series Presented by Temple Children’s Museum

Featuring Kathryn Childress

KPA Engineers is honored to have attended the VIP Meet and Greet Speaker Reception featuring Kathryn Clark Childers, presented by the Temple Children’s Museum. The event allowed our team to gain insight into Kathryn’s outstanding accomplishments as one of the first of five female U.S. Secret Service special agents. 

Followed by the reception, KPA proudly sponsored and attended The Cultivator Speaker Series, where Kathryn shared how her experiences as a Secret Service special agent shaped her into a fearless and inspiring advocate to empower all. We are honored to have heard Kathryn’s empowering presentation and are determined to instill her words of encouragement into our lives. 

We are honored to have the opportunity to support the Temple Children’s Museum and give recognition to KPA’s CAD Manager, Fabian Gomez, who continues to serve on the Museum board as the Facilities Chair. Fabian’s role is vital to the overall function of the Museum as he oversees the building’s safety, maintenance, and future enhancements. We are proud of his continued commitment and devotion to raising awareness and supporting the Temple Children’s Museum.

We are grateful for the positive community impact of the Temple Children’s Museum and look forward to continuing our efforts that enhance and support our community. Click here to learn more about supporting the Temple Children’s Museum.