Temple Membrane Water Treatment Facility Expansion

Innovative Technology

KPA is pleased to share the cutting-edge equipment used for the Expanded Membrane Water Treatment Plant! One of our main goals throughout this project was to provide a cost-effective expansion for the City of Temple both in capital and operation and maintenance costs. To achieve this goal, we implemented technologically advanced equipment such as the following:

UV (ultraviolet) Disinfection System:

The UV Disinfection System used in this project is a UVFlex, manufactured by TrojanUV. This system will achieve 4.0 log virus removal by reducing the free chlorine contact time and associated disinfection byproducts that undergo TCEQ regulations. Inlet piping consisting of automated valves and flow meters will allow precise control and flow of each UV unit.

High Service Pump Station (HSPS):

The new HSPS will consist of six equally sized pumps with motor-operated valves, allowing the new station to automate pumping to the City’s pressure planes while enhancing the existing HSPS. This technology in the new HSPS will give complete flexibility in distributing the 25 MGD produced at the Membrane Water Treatment Plant to customers.

Membrane Filtration System:

The filtration process utilizes membranes to remove particles by physically straining above a specific target size. Filtration takes place from the outer surface of the fiber to the hollow inner core. Feedwater passes through the porous wall of the fibers, and the suspended matter remains on the outside. The Membrane Filtration System used in the expansion is the Pall Microza Membrane System, which serves as a positive barrier system and removes contaminants larger than viruses from water.

The technology used for this project will allow the City of Temple to provide a high-quality water source and a dependable system that can operate at a rate that meets the projected population growth.