Doug Krumnow Celebrates 36 Yeas with KPA

Senior Civil Design Technician

Please join us as we commemorate Doug Krummnow’s work-iversary! He celebrates 36 years with KPA as a Senior Civil Design Technician!

In 1983, Doug began working as a Hand Draftsman when the firm was founded. He initially sought a career in the surveying field. After accepting his first job as a surveyor and three days from his wedding, he received a notice that his employer was closing and he was without a job. While searching for a new career, Doug saw a hiring ad in the newspaper and received an interview the next day. After a three-hour interview, he made his way back home, where a message of a job offer awaited him. Doug has seen it all, from working with the firm’s founders in a barn to expanding and establishing two locations. We are honored to have him on our team thirty-six years later! 

In 1985, Doug graduated from TSTI (now Texas State Technical College) with an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering Technologies. As one of the first students at TSTI to take their CAD course, he quickly became intrigued by the program, so much so that he assisted the Professor with the lessons.  

Doug is devoted to KPA and a devoted husband to his wife of 18 years, father to his four children, and grandfather. He is committed to making every moment memorable, whether fishing with his daughter, shopping with his wife, or chasing his grandson around. 

Thank you for 36 years of hard work and dedication, Doug!