Breaking Ground on Phase III of the San Gabriel Park Improvements Project

Georgetown, Texas

We are pleased to announce that phase III of the San Gabriel Park improvements project is underway! This significant milestone marks another step forward in transforming San Gabriel Park into an iconic destination that enhances our community’s quality of life.

The journey to enhancing San Gabriel Park began in 2008 when master planning services were performed as part of the Georgetown Parks Master Plan. Over time, two key events necessitated a reevaluation of the San Gabriel Park Plan: the adoption of the Downtown Master Plan in March 2014 and the Water Quality Management Plan in November 2014. These documents have influenced the park’s facilities and operations. Moreover, the 2015 San Gabriel Park Master Plan offered a comprehensive study with key recommendations for this park.

The completion of the San Gabriel Park Master Plan in 2015 resulted in a phased approach to limit disruptions while implementing the recommended improvements. KPA has served on phases I-III of the San Gabriel Park improvements project, and we are thrilled to share that construction for Phase III is now in progress!

Phase I, completed in 2018, introduced a new playground with a sensory walk, pavilions, pedestrian facilities, and the restoration of a spring habitat. Phase II, completed in 2019, brought a new basketball court, two playgrounds, additional pavilions, trail enhancements, and two spring restorations.

With Phase III, we are set to introduce even more remarkable enhancements to San Gabriel Park, slated for completion in 2024. Notably, the open green space will be enhanced to create a vibrant festival area featuring a sizeable multi-use performance pavilion. A new splash pad plaza, designed with sequenced lights and patterns, will also be included in this phase. Other improvements include entry monuments, enhanced roadways and parking facilities, shaded shelters, new drainage developments, and a new concrete skate park.

San Gabriel Park holds a special place in the hearts of many in Georgetown, evoking cherished memories and pride. By thoughtfully implementing lasting modifications, we aim to ensure that the park continues to provide unforgettable experiences for future generations.

We are proud to continue providing services to the City of Georgetown and to be a part of the exciting San Gabriel Park improvements project. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for our community.