Joshua L. Donaldson, PLA, AICP

Landscape Architect and Planner

Originally from the state of Washington, Joshua began his career with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Washington State University before obtaining a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin.  After graduation, Joshua made a Davey Crockett like decision forsaking friends, family, and the gloom of Washington for the sunny optimism found in the plains of Texas. After a brief stop as a city planner in Oklahoma, Joshua eventually arrived in Texas, continuing his career as a planner for the municipalities of Baytown and Fort Worth.  Joshua has extensive experience in the development of comprehensive plans,  neighborhood plans, parks master plans, bicycle and pedestrian plans, capital improvement programming, zoning and land development regulations, and parking studies. As a planner and landscape architect, Joshua is able to use his in-depth planning knowledge to make meaningful contributions to the master planning and site development aspects of landscape architecture. Joshua’s approach focuses on a mindful understanding of the balance between function, feasibility, and aesthetics within the framework of community context.

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