Progress on Phase II of Temple’s Kegley Road Improvement Project

Temple, TX

Efforts are underway to continue improving Kegley Road in Temple, Texas, with Phase II of the project under construction. Phase II will extend roadway improvements to Kegley Road, widening the previous two-lane roadway into three, the addition of a sidewalk, and developing an elevated bridge structure over Pepper Creek. In conjunction with the transportation updates, utilities along Kegley Road will undergo new developments that include drainage components and an accompanying new waterline.

After completing Kegley Road Phase II, KPA Engineers will complete Phases III and IV of the project, extending the end of Phase II to the intersection of Charter Oak Drive. Improvements include expanded pavement sections with a continuous left-turn lane, pedestrian facilities, drainage conveyance, utilities, and another elevated bridge structure over Pepper Creek.

As a result of the Kegley Road project, this rural road will become a minor arterial, providing an alternate route for traffic from IH-35 to the west side of town. The widened lanes and new sidewalk addition will provide drivers and pedestrians with a safe and efficient commute on Kegley Road.

As part of the Kegley Phase II Project, KPA Engineers performed Environmental, Geotechnical, and Archeological Assessments. In addition to providing Design Surveys, Structural Design, Final Design, Bidding Services, Construction Administration, and On-Site Representation.