Project Description

Project Description: The EARZ Wastewater Rehabilitation Projects consist of the replacement and/or rehabilitation of wastewater system components determined to have exfiltration defects in accordance with the City’s TCEQ approved testing system. Seven (7) phases of EARZ Rehabilitation have been completed and/or designed with a total construction cost of approximately $5,000,000. Due to the specialized nature of the construction methods utilized (Open Cut, Trenchless, Manhole Rehabilitation), these seven phases have totaled twelve (12) different construction contracts with the following rehabilitation completed: 7,932 LF by Open Cut (6”, 8” and 10”), 30,941 LF by Pipe Bursting (6”, 8” and 10”), 2,440 VF of Manhole Rehabilitation by CIP and traditional methods, 39 Mainline Point Repairs (6” through 21”), 83 new manholes (of which 56 replaced existing manholes) and 66 Invert Improvements to existing manholes. KPA has served as the Design Firm on all phases since inception of the TCEQ Program beginning in 2003.

Scope of Services Provided: Preliminary Design, Final Design (Plans and Specifications), Permitting, Opinion of Probable Cost, Bidding, Review of Bids and Recommendation of Award and Construction Administration. KPA has also provided Preliminary Analysis Consultation for preparation of defect books for submittal to TCEQ for Phases V-VII.

Construction Cost: $5,040,000