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Rail Park Detention Pond Analysis

Temple, TX

Project Description:  In 2009, KPA Engineers designed a 25-acre detention pond, accommodating 450 acres of future development in the City’s Railroad Park. As growth continues in this region of Temple, KPA Engineers, in collaboration with the Temple Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) and the City of Temple, analyzed the potential impacts on the Rail Park Detention Pond from a proposed 225-acre site development while also considering ongoing and proposed projects.

As a part of the study, hydrologic models for pre- and post-project conditions were created by combining various sources to provide accurate and detailed models. Of the sources used, KPA compiled data from the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) in addition to performing drone LIDAR surveys to depict the current site accurately. Using GEOHEC-HMS software, further analyses were run to provide model peak run-off amounts contributing to the detention pond, total storage volume required for further development, water surface elevations, and peak pond outlet discharge.

Scope of Services: Following the analysis, KPA presented a hydraulic evaluation, a summary of the study findings, recommended improvements, and an opinion of probable cost.