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2022 Mill & Overlay, Phase I

Waco, TX

Project Description: This project encompasses 9,100 LF of asphalt mill and overlays on various roadways throughout the City of Waco. Additional project elements include identifying locations along the proposed routes requiring point repairs to address pavement structure failures and areas where water ponding occurs after rain events. The roadway improvements will also include removing and replacing approximately 250 LF of damaged curb and gutter along the project routes and installing approximately four pedestrian ramps.

Throughout the initial project phase, KPA Engineers conducted Photogrammetric Surveys utilizing the DJI Matrice 300 RTK with the Zenmuse P1 Camera. The data collected encompasses various aspects along the proposed project roadways. In addition, KPA coordinated with City Staff throughout the project’s design phase to provide recommendations, project management, utility coordination, and Geotechnical Engineering project support.

Scope of Services: Preliminary Design, Aerial Mapping, Final Design, Project Management, Utility Coordination, and Bidding Services.

Construction Cost: $3.2 Million