Meet Dave Schuler, KPA’s Director of Aerial Mapping

Director of Aerial Mapping

If you have been wondering to yourself – “who is that flying that drone all over central Texas?” Well, that is Dave Schuler, KPA’s Director of Aerial Mapping.

In October of this year, Dave joined us with over 20 years in the Civil Engineering field with experience as a surveyor and a CAD Designer. Once he saw the value of drones entering the engineering field, he leaped at the opportunity and became a licensed pilot. After receiving his drone pilot’s license, Dave spent hundreds of hours flying all sorts of missions. Dave’s passion and dedication led him to a career where he trained military personnel to run drone mission planning applications.

Dave genuinely enjoys flying a “big whirlybird,” seeing the world from a bird’s eye view, and staying up-to-date on new drone technology. Flying drones are not his only hobby, though! Dave also enjoys camping, hiking, biking, photography and is passionate about kiteboarding in the beautiful central Texas weather.

Dave’s expertise is an excellent asset to our team! His addition to KPA has allowed us to give clients even more current condition site analysis, detailed project updates, and higher quality footage and imagery of ongoing projects.

We are thrilled to have Dave on our team at KPA!