KPA Drone Pilots & CAD Team Complete New DJI M300 Drone Training

Georgetown, TX

The KPA Drone Pilots and CAD team just completed an intensive training session on the new M300 Drone with P1 & L1 sensors and Pix4D software. The new drone and software will allow us to capture the most up-to-date aerial imagery of a project and generate 3D photogrammetry with high-level lidar data. This will allow KPA to provide their clients with the most current condition site analysis, project updates, and presentations.

The new DJI M300 integrates modern aviation features, advanced AI capabilities, Directional Sensing and Positioning System. In addition, the new M300 from DJI offers Real-Time Kinematic, offering a more stable and accurate flight.

Overall, we are excited to offer this new technology to our clients to provide safer and smarter solutions.