KPA Engineering Technicians, Jared Chandler and Bruce Richardson, attended a 5 day Autodesk University Conference (AU) held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is an annual international conference with more than 700 classes for designers, engineers, and industry professionals. The keynote speakers focused on the current and future use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printing, and Building Information Modeling 360 (BIM).  The integration of AI and BMI 360 can allow Clients, Engineers and Contractors to real time, cloud or mobile access to the design and changes during Preconstruction, Construction Execution, Commissioning & Handover and Operations & Maintenance.

Jared and Bruce attended over 40 classes and discussion forums, ranging in topics from preliminary design using Infrastructure Design Suite (a modeling, design and exhibit program) to complex modeling of surfaces and corridors for infrastructure. They learned how to use the future products from Autodesk to create 3D presentations of projects with short videos allowing the project to be viewed with augmented/virtual reality. They were also able to meet and network with cutting edge industrial professionals from around the world, which provides opportunities for discussions on new and innovated processes in design and sustainability.