Downtown Temple 4th Street Parking Garage

Project Update

Progress on expanding parking in Downtown Temple continues as the 4th Street Parking Garage project advances!

The main concrete pre-cast for the approximate 415 parking space structure is complete! Pre-cast concrete provides durability and improves vehicle efficiency by reducing the need for structural columns. The garage construction continues as concrete elevated topping slabs will undergo installation, providing a dense and abrasion-resistant floor surface. Additional installations in the coming weeks include storm drainage systems, rough-in for the lighting fixtures, electrical conduit, and handrailing for the pre-cast staircases.

Project Overview: The 4th Street Parking Garage contains approximately 415 parking spaces and additional retail spaces on the lower level. Pedestrian movement between levels is accommodated by an elevator and two open staircases. Vehicular movement between the garage levels is conducted by a parking ramp, with an entry and exit point at the ground level.

With new developments, experiences, and revitalizations enhancing Downtown Temple, we are proud of the opportunity to provide infrastructure solutions that contribute to the visitor experience.