Director of Aerial Mapping, Dave Schuler, Attends The AirWorks 2022 Conference

Technological Advancements

KPA Engineers Director of Aerial Mapping, Dave Schuler, attended the AirWorks 2022 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. As an established hub for innovation and industry growth, the AirWorks 2022 Conference allowed inside access to the latest UAV and surveying innovations with hands-on experience, demonstrations, insights from leading industry figures, and networking opportunities.

From these opportunities brought by the conference, Dave was given a first look at DJI’s newest UAV product, the DJI Dock, accompanied by the newly unveiled DJI Matrice 30 (M30) enterprise. The DJI Dock, also known as drone-in-a-box, enables UAV Pilots to automate programmed missions to take off, fly, and execute tasks during missions, then return, land, and start recharging automatically with maximum safety and efficiency. Without supervision, fear of losing battery charge, and deployment complexities, the DJI M30 Dock enables fast turnaround times while collecting aerial data.

Along with the abundance of new UAV technology at the conference, Dave also listened to various discussion panels and keynote speakers. Multiple subjects were covered, including surveying techniques, applicable modeling programs, emerging UAV trends, and how drone technology benefits the infrastructure industry.

Reliable and sustainable infrastructure is the cornerstone of an efficient and well-functioning society which is why KPA Engineers continues to seek and implement new technological solutions and innovative practices. Dave’s experiences and knowledge gained during the AirWorks 2022 Conference will allow us to continue advancing our services and increase project efficiency further, resulting in positive results that match our client’s needs.